Tier 14 bosses Auto fill?

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I am wondering if there is a way to do an autofill for the tier 14 bosses. I run a 10 man guild and use this addon to help with loot. As we know there are not just 10 man and 25 anymore but 10 man normal and heroic as well as 25 man normal and heroic. I do not know if this addon can detect normal vs heroic but if it can, how can I set it up to autofill accordingly? for each instance or boss.

What we do. We award 5 points for MSV normal, 10 points in HoF and ToES normal and double it for heroic so 10 points in MSV and 20 in the other 2. If this is too much to do I can just set it up to award one set of points for normal kills and one for heroic. Let me know if this can be done please?

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I am assuming that by autofill you mean the auto boss awards.. Currently the award amount is not separated by 10/25 man or heroic/ normal..

You could go in and change the LUA code yourself to award different amounts per boss but this would take some lua knowledge and might take you alot of effort to maintain for each new tier. Having said that I have created a ticket (http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/web-dk ... and-normal) for us to see if there may be something we can do to allow users to have different auto dkp amounts between normal and HC.

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