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Hi there, I've deleted my main table because it needed to be refreshed and all the old characters needed to be removed. But now i am trying to Sync the new table with the armory and it says "100 Players Found - No New Information". In the beginning it added 28 characters, and it needs to add alot more than that... I've deleted my WebDKP account completely and re-created it to try and see if that would fix the issue and no luck at all. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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I've got a similar problem. Something went very wrong with an upload of an LUA file and the table on the website broke (wrong values for people's DKP), didn't matter how many times we uploaded it the values were still wrong but were absolutely fine in game. So we deleted the table and asked it to sync wth the armoury, it says it finds 100 players and adds 29 - this means several of our key players are just missing from the table.

We also decided to ignore the sync feature and just upload the saved in game file to a blank table. Whilst this sorts out the characters issue the values for DKP are still completely wrong n the website but right in game. We can't figure this out at all. Any help would be really appreciated.

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