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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 5:11 am
Hi there,

I got a question: Is it possible to change names on rows.

We are using the preview because Wowstead dosen't allow javascripts, so what we did it iframe tag the preview on one of our site. There we got following rows
  • name
  • class
  • dkp
  • lifetime
The best thing in our situation would be to hide the "dkp" row and rename the "lifetime" row to "attandance".

Can we do this in anyway?

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,
Sze - Officer @ Cant handle Progress
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 6:58 am
Unfortunetly not that I am aware of. If your using an iframe then all your really doing is displaying the webdkp website inside your own, you don't actually have a handle on any of the tags, so unless you can pick columns when creating your preview (which I'm pretty sure you can't) then below is the only way I can think of.

You can do a few things such as size your iframe and create negative margins to try and hide the column. So below is what I use on my own site (I don't use the preview as you can only get access to top 50 results etc, this is the full site inside and iframe so you can also do all your admin in it to). So I have created a set size for my iframe and then I am creating a negative margin from the top so that to cut out the webdkp header and only show the table in the iframe. You could probably do something similar to cut out the lifetime column on the right. Would take a bit of playing about with to get the exact sizing you want but this would probably work for you.

Code: Select all
<style type="text/css">
#iframe-holder { width:100%; margin:auto; overflow:hidden; }#iframe-holder iframe { width:100%; height:1400px; margin:-176px 0 0 -5px; }
<div id="iframe-holder">
  <iframe src="" frameborder="0" name="main" scrolling="yes"></iframe></div>

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Hi worgames,

first of all thanks for your answer.
Ye I know it's only an "image" of what the actually url is showing when using iframes, but I was more thinking about the style editor - if there was anything you could do in there?

Can I have a peek into your site to see how you got it displayed ?

What I would like to do is have it like this:
name | class | attandance
Something Mage 5
Something Druid 2
Something Hunter 2

Best regards,
Sze - Officer @ Cant handle Progress
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 3:02 am
Sure Sze. I have opened the page to be viewed by the public its

As for customizing the table there isn't to much I can do, I only help on the development of the add-on, I don't have access to the code of this website, although it is something that could be easily done through query string to hide columns in the datagrid, but this would be something zedd would need to look at.

Having said that depending on how technical you are and how your website is structured then there are ways round this. For example if you have completely written your website yourself in say for example then you can simple write a parser for your dkp page that when loaded will take in the url for the webdkp page and parse the page source code to pull the information out.

So you will grab the table tag with the ID dkptable. In the page source this looks like (<table class="dkp" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" id="dkptable">). After that is standard HTML, the <TH> tags are your column headers, and the <TR> are the table rows and the <TD> is the data in the rows. Now I agree this may seem like complete overkill, but this gives you the ability and control to display any of the information that you want how you want it.

But if, like me, the hassle of writing a site from scratch and maintaining is too much hassle, and you use hosting like or wowstead etc.. then your limited on the custom code you can add, in which case I think your pretty stuck.

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