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PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:51 pm
- Cleared more unofficial servers

- Created a function in the admin section to clean dkp_settings table.

- Added One Click ban feature to the forum for admins

- Cleaned up some servers
- Added new sortable captcha to the forum to reduce bots

== Lost most of the changes list when the Godaddy server crashed.

- Modified the main query that the "Browse" page used to list the servers.
- New column was added to the server listing to store the total guilds for that server

- Added ability for users to delete their own accounts. This option is under Admin/User Account Settings
- New users can't use a blank username or blank password.
- New users need to input an email address

- New armory sync code for the armory.
- Loot popup windows fixed
- Fixed some dead links
- Fixed two images with 404 errors due to bad link (back end)
- Forum upgraded to phpBB 3.0
- Forum index announcement mod added
- Forum cleaning
- Back end administration option to completely delete an account.
- New user database variable for last login date

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