Setting up your Development Enviroment

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Here I'm going to cover the steps to both download the latest WebDKP source and configure it to run on your development environment.

What You'll Need:
You'll want to set up a machine where you can develop the source code locally. This means that you'll need to setup your computer to run a local Apache Server, PHP, and MySQL.

If you're running on Windows, by far the easiest thing to do is download WAMP

It will automatically install everything you need and has some extra tools to help manage things, such as phpmyadmin.

-PHP 5
-Apache Module: mod_rewrite (rewrite_module)
-PHP Extensions: php_curl

1: Download the Source
The first thing to do is download the latest WebDKP source. The source code is freely available on a public Subversion Server. It can be accessed at:

A prezipped version a WebDKP release is available there. If you wish the up to the minute release, you can also download the source from SVN. An SVN connection string is provided there.

The Source can be downloaded using any SVN Client. Here is a helpful list of the available SVN Clients:

I use RapidSVN.

2: Install in Your Environment
Installing the source in your environment is pretty easy - all you need to do is unzip the source to a web server directory and edit the 'config\config.php' file to enter your database settings.

You'll need to enter a database name, username, and database password.

After your set these values, browse to your WebDKP installation in a Web Browser. You'll be guided through a brief setup that will collect some final information about your guild.

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