WebDKP Sync.exe not working, pls help.

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Ok I can send stuff from the game to the site but I can't download anything from the site to the game...I have tried everything since I can't get WebDKP Sync.exe to work. Alls it does when I click it is a box comes up named "WebDKP Sync.exe - Entry Point Not Found" and says in inside "The procedure entry point GetRequestedRuntimeInfo could not be Located in the dynamic link library mscoree.dll." I'm new to this addon, I've looked through the other topics and can't find anything that works. Anyone know what I can do :(

Oh P.S. I'm not running Vista lol
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I assume when you say you can send stuff from the game to the site you are manually uploading the log file to the site? Or are you using the exe file to send stuff to the site and that works ok? I can't tell from your post if the exe is crashing on loading, or crashing when you try to download from the site.

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