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Hey there :)) I need help with bidding.The problem is when i try to bid (!bid 50) for an item it says There is no such command.I've tried with different versions and still the same.Also i gave the addon to a friend and he has no problems with bidding.Members who don't have the addon can also bid with no problems.Why im the only one who can't bid :((

I tried version 3.3 and 3.3b for WOTK my friend can bid with both and i can't.
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Some of the versions you mention are extremely old. The latest version on curse is 3.10. Can I recommend you use to get the latest versions and try again.

Also you don't need to have the add-on installed to bid. You simply /w the person running your dkp !bid <value>. Only the person controlling the DKP needs to have the add-on installed.

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