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It’s been a year since a stranger killed four people in Camera Cove, a small town on the Northeastern seaboard. Labeled the Catalog Killer, the murderer poisoned the victims before posing them and pinning vintage catalog art to their bodies.

One of those victims was Connor Williams, a popular high school kid. No one idolized him more than his best friend and neighbor, Mac Bell. And while the rest of the town is trying to return to normalcy, Mac can’t. On graduation day, he finds a note in a stack of comics that he and Connor would trade—a note that suggests Connor uncovered the Catalog Killer’s identity and wanted Mac’s help. Mac is devastated that he didn’t find this note earlier, so under false pretenses, he begins his own investigation to uncover what the police haven’t. Unfortunately, his snooping rips open old wounds for the victims’ families, who are desperate to move forward. Mac is forcing the townsfolk to relive the trauma so he can untangle his own complicated feelings for Connor, but can a person ever get past losing someone they loved?

Tom Ryan’s Keep This to Yourself is a gripping murder mystery on the surface, but underneath, it is an exploration of identity and grief. Each of the victims had a secret life that the killer used to their advantage, including Connor, which further muddies Mac’s ability to piece together the puzzle. Throw in some romance and an unexpected twist ending, and readers will plow through Keep This to Yourself in one sitting.

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