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PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, 2007 4:40 pm
ok, so a bunch of folks have asked for this ... so here is our ZA Loot Table with Zero's for values. Enjoy : www.kloodge.com/zazerod.txt

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 03, 2007 4:36 pm
First off, thank you all so much for the loot tables and thank you Zedd for the great Addon and website! (on a side note, I was entirely too excited when I found this website - no human being should be so excited about a point tracking website for imaginary items)

I've uploaded the loot tables for the raids my guild is doing and have set the item values to zero. I have a question about how this works though. Since I have set the values to zero for everything, does that mean that people won't be charged when they loot, but that bidding could still take place? (i.e. people looting Badges won't cost anything but we can still auction off Tier tokens to the highest bidder, etc?)

Sorry if it's a n00bish question, I'm just new to dkp and dkp management and I don't want to screw it up for my guild (can anyone say lynching?). Thank you again!

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thanks, very handy! :D

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you should open up the loot tables in Excel, and give each item the values you want. Then, when in raid, make yourself Master Looter ... when you give the person who wins the loot ... you will get a popup with the item and the value you put into Excel. just hit OK, and voila, they are charged that amount for their new loot.

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BMR_Rep here (Forgot my pass to other account)

Since my guild is now in Hyjal/BT I went back and redid the loot tables. So here you go. They all have 0 Cost set for items.

The Eye
Mount Hyjal
Black Temple
Sunwell Plateau

If you want other instances made just ask
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I just want to say this system is awesome, its been working so well as we are able to reward our members not only for loot they receive, but also for time spent in raid as we progress.

Just wondering if there is a loot table available for TK - The eye?

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The Eye added to post above.

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Since some loots were placed in different places and new ones came in last patch, would be nice to remake ZA's loot table.

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Za loot table is 99 % all greyed out whe i upload it . anybody know y this is happening .

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Hjalte: any chance you have a loot table for The eye too? with dkp values and all

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Can you update the WoWhead code to show the icon upon hovering, or eliminate the icon altogether. It just looks weird when it is like that.


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In reference to the people wondering how to set up values for different items in the loot tables, I just went ahead and assigned a value to all the 0's myself. The greatest thing about this mod is that its SO customizable. Basically i figure with my guilds rules on dkp being 1-3 point additions that most loot should be a 1-3 point deduction with the tier 4 items at -5. So basically i set it up like this

First floor bosses
1dkp starting value (+auction) for all bosses
Second floor bosses
2dkp starting value (+auction) for all bosses
Tier 4 drops
5dkp starting value (+auction)
Nightbane - Prince drops
3dkp starting value (+auction)

Im also using the tier method for loot rewards, so basically people in tier 4 get first dibs on drops over people in tier 3. (all tiers are 50dkp intrevals)...basically if 2 people in a tier want an item they both bid on it. If only one person wants the item from the highest tier they just take it for the buyout price (i dont know if maybe i should double the price if there is no auction to keep the dkp moving and prevent anyone from gaining a substantial lead...but right now everyone is pretty close to eachother in tiers)

But yea, so thats the way i set up my dkp and the way it comes organized in the excell sheet makes it easy to just spam 1 down the chart until you see a 2nd floor boss...then u spam 2. U get the picture...Hope i could help

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Looking for a Sunwell Loot Table or instructions on how to set this up and I will do it:P
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 9:01 am
Hi pak,

To create a new loot table file you can either create one online (its pretty quick now that its all ajax).

You can also create a loot table file in Excel or another spreadsheet program. If you take a look under "Loot Table", under the "Upload" section, you'll see instructions on how to make your own including serveral sample files.


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will your site automatically create the wowhead links? Meaning when I create the excel file do I just type the name of the loot in plain text and your site will hand the rest?

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