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If you looking to add items to the ignore List
You need to Edit the WebDKP.lua
Found in your Addons files..

.....\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\WebDKP\


Code: Select all
WebDKP_IgnoreItems = {
   "Badge of Justice",
   "Void Crystal",

Edit to this
New " Wotlk"

Code: Select all
WebDKP_IgnoreItems = {
   "Badge of Justice",
   "Void Crystal",
   "Emblem of Heroism",
   "Emblem of Valor",
   "Abyss Crystal",

Welcome to add to this List but remember to use the right name.
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Stickied for helpful goodness.

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every time i edit and add the ignore list to my webdkp.lua

it work as it should be, after raid when i upload the new stats to the site, it seams like the ignore list is getting lost. any suggestion what im doing wrong? or do i manually have to add the ignore list evertime i upload new data to this site?

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You should be uploading the WebDKP.lua file from your WTF folder and saving the same file to your WTF folder. Not overwriting the WebDKP.lua file located in the Addons directory. That might be why you're losing it!

Try adding the ignore list to the WebDKP.lua file located in your wow\addons\interface\webdkp folder. Bear in mind the formentioned location may be off by one or two folder levels as I'm doing this from memory.
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I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but when I go to that folder and click on the adobe file, it doesn't allow me to view anything, it states it can't be viewed.

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Whats the file name?

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Hm, for some reason this doesn't work for me.

I am editing 'C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\WebDKP\WebDKP.lua'

And the code is:
Code: Select all
-- Items to ignore for auto dkp. If they are picked up, auto dkp will not show
WebDKP_IgnoreItems = {
   "Badge of Justice",
   "Void Crystal",
   "Emblem of Heroism",
   "Emblem of Valor",
   "Abyss Crystal",

Is there an option in-game that I have to enable so it uses this code that maybe I haven't seen? Do I need to delete the '\WTF\Account\ACCOUNT_NAME\SavedVariables\WebDKP.lua' after I make the code changes?

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Yah, I wasn't able to auto-ignore items either but what I did is used the Webdkphelper addons ingame item ignore and it works great =)

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ignore "Emblem of Frost",

For those Weekly ICC quests. Keeps spamming the auto dkp xD.

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