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is there any option to run two or more raid in paralel?
When i see log structure there is only mane and dkp.
So I'm curious what will happen if there are for example two raids.
Before raid leaders downloads log. When they are finished uploads log back.
So what will happen will the log from raid A be overwriten by log from raid B?
Or there is some function to upload only the changes?

One more thing, from the log structure I cant se no awards, or looted items. I'm wondering how is it done.


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i have the same question!

we are a guild with 2 runs in nax how can we do so both raid leader can use webdkp addon?

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As long as both raid leaders are running the Sync tool after each raid, there should be no problem with both of them using WebDKP. If you wanted you could maintain a separate table for each raid, but on the chance that the raid groups might trade members back and forth in rare circumstances from week to week then having both raid groups data in the same table means everyone always has their DKP no matter which group they are running with.

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It is better to download the raid one by one so that you may not face any difficulty or challenge. Such technological understanding is necessary for us and these is really helpful for the students and are the best ways to understand such kind of concepts.

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