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World of Warcraft Addon
The in-game Addon lets you view and award DKP in World of Warcraft.It also allows you to track raid attendance.It comes with a Sync program that uploads your information to the site with a single click. To fully make use of the addon, you'll need to create a free account on WebDKP.com

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Addon Features

  • Integration with WebDKP.com
  • View, Sort, and Filter your DKP table In-Game
  • Add Awards and Items in Game
  • Visual Award Log
  • In Game Synching of Data
  • Automated Bidding Support
  • Timed Awards
  • Zerosum DKP Support
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Auto Award for Boss Kills
  • Customizable Options and Announcements
  • Sync your in game table with WebDKP.com to manage your data and share it with others
  • Start of EPGP Support

Listing of changes for 4.0

- Compatibility update for WoW Classic
- Special thanks to github/avatarofhope2

Listing of changes for 3.6

- LUA error fix
- TOC update - Autoaward for boss kill fixes - MAC Java sync file included in the zip

Listing of changes from 3.5.02

- TOC Fix

Listing of changes from 3.5.01

- Few bug fixes
- Fixes for Autoaward for boss kills

Listing of changes from 3.5

- Fixed the Combat_Event issue for Autoawards. (Blizzard changed API)
- Fixed itemid saving for Wowhead heroic vs normal linking
- Fixed some misc errors for nulls during bidding

Listing of changes from 3.43c

- Updated for WoW 4.1
- Fixed Standby Players Resetting
- Added a feature to only reset Standby players manually
- EPGP features are integrated but not fully functional yet (You can test and report)
- Some tweaks to start saving item IDs for wowhead linking
- Issue with selecting players in the bidding window may be resolved (Believe this only occurs when players have fractional numbers)

Listing of changes from 3.43a

- Fixed a loot table bug.
- Added Cataclysm Auto Awards.
- Fixed an autoaward bug.

Listing of changes from 3.43

- Fixed a bug when you try to award an item with a blank cost

Listing of changes from 3.42c

- Fixed an alt click item for bidding problem
- The Award items frame now checks the multiplier for item level
- Fixes for bidding which was screwed up with the item level mult code.

Listing of changes from 3.42

- Class Colors
- Added some Inv Slot under Bidding options
- Adjustable filter for raid attendanec
- In game syncs the log now not just the DKP values
- Zerosum can be applied to standby players
- Fixed an issue related to Loot Tables

Listing of changes from 3.41

- Ability to add the variable $totalbids to Announcements
- More Bidding Options
- Item Level Multiplier
- Item Equip Location Multiplier
- Ability to add item level in the loot table
- Ability to award percent values, the prompt will display when this is allowed
- Fixed a few small things.
- /main and /greed no longer require a value to be accepted, it just defaults to 0.

Listing of changes from 3.3b

- Compatible with 4.0.1.
- New Standby Features
- New option to enable a set DKP Cap (Not tested with in game synching)
- Added new filters to filter Alt characters and Standby characters
- Ability to award percent values, the prompt will display when this is allowed
- A new button in the bidding window to list the top 3 bidders.
- Fixed several potential bugs and sorting in the award log.
- Option to ignore WebDKP whispers from people outside of the party/raid to minimize spam of DKP info.

Listing of changes from 3.3

- When someone rolls now, it will display their total DKP instead of 0.
- Small changes to the in game help (I need to get to more on this someday)
- New option in the bidding options to specify a !need percent. (Default is 100%)
- Changes to the auto award for boss kills, should show the proper encounter in the award log now.
- An online filter for guild members, Unfortunately this only works for guild members, it will not show online status for non guild members.
- The Guild Rank has been added to the bidding window.

Release Notes 3.2

- There is now an option to disable the Alt+Click feature.
- Fix for auto award for boss kills in 5 mans
- You can now add or delete someone to an award in the award log
- You can now specify a % amount for !greed which is based on the loot table value or their total DKP if the loot table is blank.
- Monitoring rolls during bidding should now be fixed.
- Fixed the in game DKP table synching issue where it doesn't transfer Death Knight info.
- Added support for Item IDs in the loot table to fix the issue of having heroic items vs non heroic
- Believe the auto award for Valithiar Dreamwalker encounter is fixed.